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ViX+, TelevisaUnivision’s Premium SVOD Tier, Debuts on July 2

MIAMI – JUNE 30, 2022 – TelevisaUnivision Inc., the world’s leading Spanish-language media and content company, today announced that ViX+ will debut on July 21, in the U.S.Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America, with a monthly price of $6.99 in the U.S. and MX$119 in Mexico. ViX+ is the premium tier of ViX, the first large-scale global streaming service created specifically for the Spanish-speaking world launched in March this year, and will give subscribers access to the broadest, most premium Spanish-language content ever offered on an SVOD service, featuring more than 10,000 hours of ad-free premium entertainment programming in its first year, and up to 7,000 hours of live sports.
Consumers in the U.S., Mexico, and the majority of Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America will be able to enjoy over 70 ViX+ Original series and movies in the first year, which represents, on average, at least one new, original premiere per week. Exclusive premium original series available at launch include “María Felix, La Doña,” “La Mujer del Diablo,” and “Mi Vecino El Cartel,” which is executive produced by Selena Gomez. ViX+ subscribers will also be able to watch global premieres of highly anticipated movies that will premiere and be exclusively available on ViX+ in July, such as “Mirreyes contra Godinez 2, ‘El Retiro’” and “Enfermo Amor.”
Subscribers in the U.S.Mexico, and the rest of Latin America where the service is available will have the opportunity to experience ViX+ through a free 7-day trial. ViX+ will be available in all top platforms including Apple iOS and tvOS, Android mobile and Android TV OS devices, and all major streaming devices, TVs, and via the web on vixplus.com, with more platforms to be announced soon.
“ViX+ will bring premium storytelling that raises the bar for Spanish-language content,” said Pierluigi Gazzolo, President and Chief Transformation Officer of TelevisaUnivision. “With the launch of ViX+, Spanish-language viewers will finally have a subscription streaming service with content that authentically reflects our culture. Together, ViX and ViX+ complement each other to create the largest Spanish-language streaming service in the world, with more than 50,000 hours of content and two experiences in one app, filling an important gap given there are nearly 600 million Spanish speakers around the globe.”      
ViX+ will leverage TelevisaUnivision’s extensive intellectual property, production capabilities and deep library, as well as the works developed by master Spanish-language creators and storytellers such as Salma Hayek Pinault, Eugenio Derbez, Maria Dueñas, Selena Gomez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Santiago Limón, Leonardo Padrón, and Marc Cistaré.
Productions premiering on ViX+ at launch include:
Highly Anticipated Original Series:

  • “La Mujer del Diablo” (The Devil’s Woman) – Series, available July 21  
    • The Devil’s Woman tells the story of Natalia Vallejo (Carolina Miranda), an elementary school teacher with dreams of leaving her town to pursue a tourism career, and Cristo Beltrán (José Ron), a high-ranking criminal who appears to be the benefactor of the town. When he becomes obsessed with Natalia although she is in love with another man, he does the unimaginable to seduce her.
    • Cast: Carolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, José Pablo Minor, Azul Guaita, Monica Dione, Alejandro Calva, Ianis Guerrero, Marco Tostado, Rodolfo Arias, Samadhi Zendejas, Sofía Lama, Jonathan Islas, Arianne Pellicer.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.
  • “María Félix: La Doña” – Series, first two episodes available on July 21. The following episodes drop every week.  
    • Based on journalistic research and testimonies by the people who were closest to María Félix during her lifetime, including Luis Martínez de Anda, her right-hand man and universal heir, the series narrates the life of this iconic actress since her early days to her rise to fame and more.
    • Cast: Sandra Echeverría, Ximena Romo, Abril Vergara, Guillermo García Cantú, Ana Bertha Espín, Josh Gutiérrez, Ximena Ayala, Markin López, Úrsula Pruneda, Ramon Medina, Helena Rojo.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.
  • “Mi Vecino El Cartel” – Docuseries, available July 21  
    • The three-part docuseries explores how the murder of Juan Guerrero Chapa uncovered the tentacles of the Mexican cartels in the U.S., as well as the clash between the affluent world of Southlake, Texas, and the seedy lifestyle of drug cartels that turned the city upside down.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.

Exclusive Global Movie Premieres:

  • “Mirreyes contra Godínez 2, ‘El Retiro’” (Mirreyes vs. Godinez 2 “The Retreat”) – Movie, available July 21  
    • This hilarious film is the sequel to “Mirreyes contra Godínez,” a blockbuster film considered one of Mexico’s most successful movies in 2019.
    • Things are going well at the company until a tempting offer comes along that puts the team against each other. To solve their problems, they travel to a corporate retreat where they will try to reunite as a team.
    • Cast: Daniel Tovar, Regina Blandón, Diana Bovio, Michelle Rodríguez, Christian Vázquez, Alejandro de Marino, Gloria Stalina, Roberto Aguirre, Carlos Ballarta, Dominika Paleta.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.
  • “Enfermo Amor” (Sick Love) – Movie, available July 27 
    • The story of the love affairs of nine couples connected only by the complexity of human relationships will touch millions of hearts with one of the greatest Mexican ensemble casts of all times.
    • Cast: Estefanía Hinojosa, Gonzalo Vega Jr., Natalia Téllez, Luis Arrieta, Jesús Zavala, Paco Rueda, Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Daniel Tovar, Camila Sodi, Alejandro de la Madrid, Eréndira Ibarra, Alberto Guerra, Mónica Huarte, Andrés Palacios, Fernanda Castillo, Adriana Louvier, Maya Zapata, Juan Pablo Medina.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.

Key Premium Sports Rights Will Include:
ViX+, with more than 3,000 live games a year – equating to more than 7,000 hours of live soccer in the U.S. and Mexico combined, will super-serve fans with the best competitions and leagues around the globe.

  • ViX+ will feature exclusive live Liga MX matches in both the U.S. and Mexico.
  • ViX and VIX+ will feature over 200 exclusive live Liga de Expansión MX and Liga MX Femenil matches per year in both the U.S and Mexico.
  • ViX+ will be the only streaming service with coverage of UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League matches in Spanish in the U.S.
  • ViX and VIX+ will be the Spanish-language home of all UEFA National Team competitions, notably UEFA Nations League, Euro Qualifiers, UEFA Euro, and the Finalissima.
  • ViX and ViX+ will be the digital destination of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Mexico.

Other ViX+ Original Series Will Include:

  • “Hierro” – Series, premieres July 21
    • On El Hierro, the most remote island of the Canary archipelago, a murder has taken place. Candela, an expert and strong-willed judge is forced to lead the investigation of the murder, having just been assigned to El Hierro where she is an outsider. The murderer is amongst them, and everyone thinks they know who he is. Diaz, a shady local businessman, turns out to be the perfect culprit. But it won’t be that easy. It never is with Candela or with Diaz. 
    • Cast: Candela Peña, Darío Grandinetti.
    • Available territories: Only in the U.S. 
  • “Pena Ajena” (Cringe) – Series, premieres July 21 
    • Affected by a bad economic situation, Jesús and Nuria live in an apartment owned by her father, a man dedicated to destroying their relationship. Jesús’ best hope for winning over his in-laws is to organize a fancy exhibition of his photography, but the aspiring artist’s predilection for embarrassing others threatens to derail everything.
    • Cast: Adrián Uribe y Mónica Huarte.
    • Available territories: Mexico and the rest of Latin America.
  • “Rapa” – Series, premieres July 29 
    • Amparo Seoane, a mayor for far too long, has been murdered. Both Maite, a sergeant in the Civil Guard and Tomás, the only witness to the murder, become equally obsessed with investigating the crime. When their paths collide, Tomás and Maite get dangerously close to discovering who killed the mayor, but then a second murder stirs the waters again and both will face a killer that is closer than they could ever imagine.
    • Cast: Javier Cámara.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.

Other Original Movies Will Include:

  • “Cocino Cuando Te Extraño” (I Cook When I Miss You)  – Feature Documentary, available July 21
    • Three families separated by migration remain united by the strength of their roots and traditions, two elements expressed through food and the act of sharing a table. The dishes they prepare leave their mark on their families because they strongly refer to Mexico.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America
  • “30 días para Ganar” (30 days to win) – Feature Documentary, available July 28
    • After a life of suffering social rejection because of their children disability, a group of parents join forces to create the first Mexican alpine ski team to give them visibility and let them know what it feels to win.
    • Available territories: U.S., Mexico, and rest of Latin America.

Other Sports Leagues and Tournaments:

  • ViX+ will also be a destination for women’s soccer in the United States, including U.S. Women’s National Team and Mexico’s Women’s National Team
  • ViX+ will feature in the U.S. South America’s top domestic soccer leagues including Brasileirão Championship, Argentina’s Liga Profesional de FútbolColombian Primera División and Perú Liga 1

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