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ViX+ Programming August 2022

“Érase una vez Euskadi” (Once Upon a Time Euskadi)
Available August 3

  • Synopsis: A group of children raised in Euskadi (The Basque Country) make the leap from childhood to adolescence as they are forced to deal with adversity and loss.
  • Cast: Asier Flores, Aron Piper, Luis Callejo
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America

“Las leyendas: El origen” (Legend Quest: The Origin)
Available August 10

  • Synopsis: Finado (Deceased) and Moribunda (Moribund), the sugar skull couple, must leave their comfort zone far from the Calaca town when a human crosses the “Eternal Mirror,” absorbing the energy of the portal that separates the realm of the living and the dead.
  • Cast: Bruno Bichir, Eduardo España, Alex Casas, Emiliano Ugarte, Paola Ramones, Daniela Ibáñez
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico 

“Llenos de gracia” (Full of grace)
Available August 17

  • Synopsis: In the early ninetiesSister Marina is sent to El Parral, an orphanage that is in the doldrums and about to close. The children are out of control, but Marina quickly captures their attention and tries to rid them of all their mischief.
  • Cast: Carmen Machi, Pablo Chiapella, Paula Usero
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America

“Me case con un idiota“ (I Married a Fool)
Available August 24

  • Synopsis: Iñaki Palacios is the most famous actor in Mexico and Flor is a complete unknown. While shooting a film, the two begin a torrid romance that ends with a wedding. Soon, Flor realizes that she fell in love with a perfect idiot whom she mistook for the character in the movie, so she decides to leave him. Iñaki refuses to give up on their relationship and with the helps of the film’s screenwriter, devises a plan to get back the love of his life.
  • Cast: Paulina Gaitán, Alfonso Herrera, Andrés Almeida, Harding Junior, Lucía Uribe, Mauricio Barrientos, Guillermo Murray, Patricia Reyes Spínola, Mauricio Isaac
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America 

“Las vocales” (The Vocals)
Available August 31

  • Synopsis: Claudia, a single mother, gets her son Chuchín accepted into one of the best and most exclusive schools in the country where they quickly start a very different academic year and without knowing it, must face “Las Vocales”, a group of “perfect” mothers who will make their lives impossible. 
  • Cast: Gabriela de la Garza, Sofía Espinoza, Rocío García, Ruy Gaytán, Maia León, Ligia Ugarte, Ana González Bello, Tanya López
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico


“Cardo” (Cardoon)
Available August 5

  • Synopsis: “Cardo” is a generational portrait. The series recounts the excesses of an entire generation straddling an uncertain future, a placid past and a convulsive present. Beauty is no longer valued. What is on the outside is worthless if what’s inside is not right. Our protagonist, Maria experiences this firsthand when at 30 years of age, she is apparently brimming with beauty, but feels like a thistle. 
  • Cast: Ana Rujas, Clara Sans, Ana Telenti, Juani Ruiz, Alberto San Juan, Diego Ibañez and Yolanda Ramos
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America

“Sobreviviendo a los 30’s” (Surviving Your 30s)
Available August 12

  • Synopsis: Macarena, a young Spaniard, seems to have everything, but her luck changes when her doctor tells her that if she wants to get pregnant, she only has a year left to do so. When she decides to return home early to tell her boyfriend, she finds him with another woman in their own house. Heartbroken, Macarena’s friends help her look for a father to start a family and, in the process, shediscovers that it is time to take charge of her life without needing a man.
  • Cast: Julia Marco, Julian Pablo Gil, Pablo Valentín, Begoña Narváez, Armando Hernández
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America 

“La nieta elegida” (The Chosen Granddaughter)
Available August 16

  • Synopsis: Millionaire, Sara de Roldán introduces the young and humble Luisa into her family as her newly discovered granddaughter, the supposed daughter of her murdered son. But Luisa is an impostor who arrived there by order of her real father, who is plotting sinister revenge against the Roldáns.
  • Cast: Consuelo Luzardo, Francisca Estévez, Carlos Torres and Juliette Pardau 
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America

“Turbia” (Turbid)
Available August 25

  • Synopsis: In Cali 2023, there is a devastating environmental and social crisis due to water scarcity – the result of a months-long drought and the contamination and disappearance of the city’s main water basins.
  • Cast: Miguel Ángel Viera, Álvaro Rodríguez, Mario Bolaños, Juan Carlos Martínez, Héctor Mejía, and Jaime Andres Castaño
  • Available Territories:  U.S., Mexico and the rest of Latin America

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