A Surprising Debut on LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA Next Week

The most-watched streaming news show on ViX, LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA, features daily segments, special coverages and highlights a wide array of stories Monday to Friday, 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. EST on ViX’s Noticias 24/7 news channel. 

Next week in LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA will premiere a very entertaining new segment accompanied by the best coffee with different personalities, who will tell us about their projects, and anecdotes. 

LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA hosts Carolina Sarassa and Paulina Sodi share the 3 unmissable stories Monday through Friday, May 1 to 5, 2023 … all this and much more this week on LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA

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