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EL SHOW, CRÓNICA DE UN ASESINATO, an Original Documentary Series Produced by N+ Docs Will Premiere on VIX on June 7

TelevisaUnivision’s ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, and N+ Docs, the documentary division of the world’s largest Spanish-language video news content producer N+, announced today that beginning Wednesday, June 7, all five episodes of the documentary series EL SHOW, CRÓNICA DE UN ASESINATO (The Show, Chronicle of a Murder) will be available on ViX.
This original N+ Docs production addresses the case of Stanley Albaitero’s death, considered the first media crime in Mexico, which occurred in 1999. The series will premiere its first episode, exclusively for Mexico, on las estrellas, on Tuesday, June 6 at 11:00 pm.
Through a rigorous, objective and plural journalistic investigation, with the use of archives of the time and the direct testimony of the main people involved in the case – such as Mario Bezares, Brenda Bezares, Paola Durante and Erasmo Pérez Garnica “El Cholo”, the documentary series EL SHOW, CRÓNICA DE UN ASESINATO delves into the culture of show business and exposes the lies and tragedies that, in an unsuspected way, marked various areas of the country’s public life.
The research also contributes to the historical record of that era with testimonies from businessmen, political figures and Mexican show business, including Emilio Azcárraga, Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, Lilly Téllez, Dulce María Sauri, Álvaro Cueva, Alfredo Adame, Sofía Niño de Rivera, Chumel Torres and others.
Throughout its five chapters, EL SHOW, CRÓNICA DE UN ASESINATO traces the judicial process and television coverage of the murder of one of the most popular communicators and comedians on Mexican television, an event that unleashed intrigue in the world of politics and entertainment, revealing information about the case that was not publicly known.
Diego Enrique Osorno, a journalist recognized for bringing the chronicle to the cinematographic world, is the director of this documentary series that has been selected for the Guadalajara International Film Festival, where an episode will be shown on June 5.
Don’t miss this interesting documentary series from N+ Docs that will be available on ViX in Mexico, the United States and most Spanish-speaking Latin American countries.

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