New Documentaries arrive at ViX+ for Soccer Enthusiast to Prepare for World Cup including CUANDO EL MUNDO MIRÓ: ITALIA 2006 and LA ABSOLUTA on ViX+

View this email in your browserNew Documentaries arrive at ViX+ for Soccer Enthusiasts to Prepare for the World Cup including
and LA ABSOLUTA on ViX+  
Click here to download promotional assets  MIAMI, FL. – NOVEMBER 10, 2022 – ViX+, the subscription-based premium tier of ViX streaming service, will provide soccer fans a series of new documentaries to prepare for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. This week ViX+ premieres exclusively LA ABSOLUTA that will take viewers on a journey to Spain where they will discover the all the details on Spanish National team’s historic triumph in the 2010 World Cup. Italian fans will also rejoice with CUANDO EL MUNDO MIRÓ: ITALIA 2006 and the story behind Italy’s Golden Era in the 2006 World Cup.  Also premiering this week, new episodes of fan-favorite docuseries AL GRITO DE GUERRALA PREVIA DE LA COPA MUNDIAL QATAR 2022, INFORME QATAR, and F.C. BARCELONA: UNA NUEVA ERA.  All these productions will be exclusively available on ViX+. The full programming schedule is below: 
 NEW DOCUMENTARIES LA ABSOLUTA (THE ABSOLUTE)  Premieres November 10 Synopsis: The Spain Soccer Team, a historically loosing squad, must overcome their egos, individualism, and internal rivalries to become a real powerhouse team. This is the story of how alongside some of the greatest players of their generation, Iker Casillas and Xavi Hernández, lead La Roja into the exclusive club of world champions. Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico, and Latin America 
 CUANDO EL MUNDO MIRÓ: ITALIA 2006 (WHEN THE WORLD WATCHED: ITALY 2006) Premieres November 10 Synopsis: This series focuses on one of the most celebrated moments in Italy’s soccer history; their fourth world cup victory in 2006.  Available Territories: Mexico 
NEW EPISODES AL GRITO DE GUERRA (THE CRY OF WAR)   Synopsis: The Mexican National Team has never made it past the fourth match of the World Cup the fabled quinto partido. This is the story of a team (and a country) in relentless pursuit of excellence and triumph.  Available Territories: U.S.A., Mexico, and Latin America  LA PREVIA DE LA COPA MUNDIAL QATAR 2022 (FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 PREVIEW SERIES) Synopsis: This series features a look inside the thirty-two teams that will partake in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 focusing on each team’s players, journey and footballing culture.  Available Territories: Mexico  INFORME QATAR (QATAR REPORT) Synopsis: A documentary series that will uncover all those key details of the teams and stars who will fight for the World Cup. The series will reveal the most human and personal of Qatar’s protagonists. A unique opportunity to learn more about the players’ motivations, origins, dreams and disappointments.  Available Territories: U.S.A., Mexico, and Latin America 
F.C. BARCELONA: UNA NUEVA ERA (F.C. BARCELONA: A NEW ERA) Synopsis: For a greater part of its history, Fútbol Club Barcelona dominated the world of football, held the honor of having some of the best players in the sport on their roster, and won all the titles under the sun. Now, they face an excruciatingly different reality, causing the club to lose some of its prestige. This is the story of how the club recuperates from its institutional crisis and gives its fans the power to believe they will return to glory once again. Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico, and Latin America 
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