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SENDA PROHIBIDA Reboot Premieres Exclusively on ViX

MIAMI – June 12, 2023 – ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, unveiled today the official trailer of its new original series, SENDA PROHIBIDA (Forbidden Path).  This new adaptation, produced by Giselle González, of the first telenovela produced in Mexico, will premiere on June 23, with all its seven episodes available on launch day. Users will have a chance to view the first episode for free the day of the premiere and will be able to watch the full series available on ViX’s Premium tier.

The new version of SENDA PROHIBIDA comes just in time to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Senda Prohibida originally written by Fernanda Villeli. The groundbreaking series, which aired in 1958, marked the beginning of a long and successful tradition of telenovelas in Mexico and around the world. 

“Senda Prohibida is a landmark in the history of television and telenovelas. It launched a genre that has captivated millions of viewers for decades and has influenced countless stories and storytellers. We are honored to celebrate this anniversary and to bring this classic series to a new generation of fans on ViX,” said Vincenzo Gratteri, senior vice president of Development for ViX at TelevisaUnivision.

The series stars Ela Velden (“¿Quién Mató a Sara,?” “Gossip Girl: Acapulco”) as Nora/Corina, Raúl Méndez (“Cocaine Godmother,” “Narcos”) as Federico Rubio, José Manuel Rincón (“Monarca,” “Ringo: La pelea de su vida) as Roberto Rubio, Iliana Fox (“El Último Rey,” “Imperio de mentiras”) as Irene Rubio, Delaxa Meneses (“El amor invisible”) as Martha Rubio and Plutarco Haza (“El Señor de los Cielos,” “Donde hubo fuego”) as Raymundo Corrales. 

SENDA PROHIBIDA tells the story of a provincial girl Nora, who destroys a happy family to achieve the lifestyle and luxury she’s always dreamed of. Set in a time when women were merely decorative objects, Nora Lopez – or Corina, as she is known in the underworld of cabaret –, is determined to achieve the wealth she always dreamed of, and nothing will stop her. From manipulating men with her pristine beauty to pitting a father against his own son, she is willing to destroy the love of a family and bring them to an abyss where any one of them will have to risk their own life.

The modern reimagining of Senda Prohibida was written by Leticia López Margalli (“Instructions Not Included,” “Dark Desire”) Laura Sosa (“El señor de los cielos,” “Al otro lado del muro”) Nayura Aragón (“Al otro lado del muro,” “Triptych”) directed by Gustavo Ron (“Cable Girls,” “Parot,” “Velvet Colección,” “45 rpm”) and produced by Giselle González (“Cuna de Lobos,” “Caer en tentación”). 

ViX service offers more than 75,000 hours of on-demand content, and over 100 streaming channels all in Spanish. The app is available with two access tiers, one free with ads and one premium plan by subscription, in the U.S., Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America, across all major mobile platforms, connected TV devices and via web on

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