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BUENOS AIRES – DECEMBER 1, 2021 – Telefe, owned by ViacomCBS, continues its sizeable lead over Argentinian TV audiences, achieving an average share of 42.37% and 8.56 rating points in November. That is an impressive 47 consecutive months at #1 with the last 19 months exceeding 40% share – which has not happened since 2002.   Leading in all time slots, Telefe achieved a 37.95% share and 6.67 rating points from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.; 43.31% share and 7.62 ratings points in the 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. block; and a 44.79% share and 11.39 rating points from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.1 Throughout 2021, Telefe has been in the lead every week this year2, garnering 43.95% share and 9.06 average rating points in all time slots. Additionally, nine of the 10 most-watched shows in November all aired on Telefe:

  • MasterChef Celebrity, Elimination Gala – 61.95 % share and 16.47 rating points
  • MasterChef Celebrity – 49.63% share and 16.31 rating points
  • Doctor Milagro – 48.69% share and 16.15 rating points
  • Bake Off, el Gran Pastelero, Elimination Gala – 64.27% share and 15.67 rating points
  • Bake Off, el Gran Pastelero – 57.25% share and 15.08 rating points
  • Susana, Invitada de Honor – 48.42 % share and 14.81 rating points
  • Por el mundo – 46.58% share and 10.63 rating points
  • ViajeChef – 69.34 % share and 10.42 rating points
  • Telefe Noticias – 36.85% share and 9.50 rating points

 Telefe also dominated other time slots, with Flor de Equipo achieving 28.62% share and 4.83 rating points. El noticiero de la Gente led with a 36.04% share and 7.54 rating points, followed by Corta por Lozano with a wide lead in its time slot with an average share of 39.76% and 7.43 rating points. Engaging love stories were also a win in their dayparts with Züleyha,Hercaiand Dulce AmbiciónPasapalabrathe hit show with the most entertaining rounds of questions and answers with a 35.30% share and 7.343 rating points. Telefe’s primetime continues to be best in class, with several of its shows in the Top 10, including Telefe Noticias, new seasons of MasterChef CelebrityPor el Mundo, as well as grand finales of Doctor Milagro and Bake Off, el Gran Pastelero. Additionally, Susana Giménez conducted a very successful interview with Wanda Nara on Susana, Invitada de HonorNo es tan tarde continues to lead with an average 42.82% share and 6.52 rating points. Weekends are also a win for Telefe, standing strong at #1 with Pasapalabra Especial Famosos garnering 39.71% share and 6.80 average rating points, while PH, Podemos Hablar brought in 49.90% share and 9.13 rating points, and La Peña de Morfi leading with 46.19% share and 5.30 rating points. In addition, Trato Hecho came in with a 41.99% share and 8.31 rating points, while MasterChef Celebrity, Elimination Gala was the most-watched program this month! Moreover, November brought the launch of, the digital powerhouse with a new brand identity, unified domains, updated logo, and a complete redesign of the platform. The site reached an impressive 7.5M users and 12.7M views.4 The premiere of #MasterchefArgentina was the most-viewed content on the site, attracting 1.2M total video views and 879.9K users, accumulating 1,065 posts, 20.3M views, and 91.3M impressions on social media. Another website hit was the interview #WandaconSG bringing in 331.8K views and 260K users with 3.5M video views on social media, garnering 2M video views on YouTube alone. Telefe Noticias was also a social media star, becoming the first news account in the south cone region to reach one million followers on TikTok. December is set to be another win with the best of their excellent programming to close out the year, including the much-anticipated premieres of Historias de cocina con Georginawhere you can enjoy recipes and heartfelt stories with Georgina Barbarossa, and the new love story that will captivate audiences, Soñar Contigo. The end of 2021 is sure to bring something for the entire family to enjoy. 

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