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ViX and ViX+ Programming January 2023


ViX and ViX+ Programming January 2023Productions premiering this month on ViX (AVOD) and ViX+ (SVOD), TelevisaUnivision’s Spanish-language streaming channel
Available: January 6
Synopsis: In its third season, we are facing a history of an obsession. Love between a psychopath and a woman with Stockholm syndrome. Cristo Beltran went crazy for Natalia since he saw her, she wasn’t a temporary whim.
Cast: Carolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, Azul Guaita, Alejandro Calva, Mónica Dionne, Ianis Guerrero, Marco Tostado, Rodolfo Arias and Samadhi Zendejas
Available territories: USA, Mexico and Latin America
Available: January 11
Synopsis: Ana and her brother Toño receive a call from their father to tell them that he is going to marry a Mexican woman he met online. A modern-day comedy that brings 
together two very different families for the sake of love. In the end, both families end up learning from each other.
Cast: Diana Bovio, Maribel Guardia, Christian Vazquez, Michelle Rodriguez
Available territories: USA, Mexico and Latin America

Available: January 12
Synopsis: In this emotional reality show, the actress and host Erika Fernández will take on the task of rescuing as many stray dogs as she can, whilst trying to balance her daily activities with her life as La Loca de los Perros. In each chapter, different cases will be narrated addressing topics such as abandonment, special adoptions (blind dogs, amputees…) cases of abuse and extreme rescues where we will see Erika come together with her team from her foundation Amor Sin Raza, rehabilitating the dogs and presenting her evolution. La Loca de los Perros will navigate the values of compassion, strength, and love, with Erika who will do whatever it takes to point out the injustices against man’s best friend and will go out of her way to help them.
Available territories:USA, Mexico and Latin America
Available: Soon to be announcedTwo New Episodes Every Friday
Synopsis: Volver a Caer stars Kate del Castillo as a gold-medal-winning Olympic diver and Mexican national hero. Her character, Ana Montes de Oca, falls in love with a young musician and goes on a journey of self-discovery—one that society, unfortunately, doesn’t embrace.   
Cast: Kate del Castillo, Maxi Iglesias, Rubén Zamora, Martín Altomaro, Edwarda Gurrola, Lucia Gómez Robledo, and Daniel Tovar.
Available territories: USA, Mexico and Latin America
Available: January 25
Synopsis: In the late 1970s in Paracuán, a convulsed oil town in México, young lieutenant Vicente Rangel (Leonardo Ortizgris) will face the darkest days of his life as he tries to catch “El Chacal”, a serial killer of young girls who hides under a network of corruption and power. This film won 3 Ariel Awards in 2022. 
Cast: Leonardo Ortizgris, Kristyan Ferrer, Sofia Espinosa, Carlos Aragon
Available territories: Mexico and Latin America
New Episodes Every Thursday
Synopsis: Travesuras de la Niña Mala tells the epic love story between a nonconformist and adventurous young woman and Ricardo, a man trapped in a predictable routine whom she calls a “good boy.” Thanks to the “bad girl,” he slowly learns to get out of his comfort zone. These two characters’ lives will intertwine over forty years through reunions across Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, London, and more. The “bad girl” invites us to challenge our life on autopilot, transform ourselves, take more risks to feel alive and seek happiness through excitement. A premise that questions what life is without those exciting moments from the perspective of a character that lives life feeling immortal.
Cast: Macarena Achaga, Juan Pablo Di Pace
Available territories: USA, Mexico and Latin America
LIGA MX CLAUSURA 2022 | Sports
Tournament Kickoff: January 6 
The 2022–23 Liga MX season resumes with the second half of the Mexican soccer First Division league championship. The 2023 Clausura tournament features an exciting opening night with games between Necaxa vs. Atlético San Luis followed by Mazatlán vs. León. Throughout the season, selected games will be available exclusively and simulcast on ViX+.
Available territories: USA and Mexico

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