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ViX Begins Production of Seven New Original Titles in the Second Quarter of the Year

ViX Begins Production of Seven New Original Titles in the Second Quarter of the Year MIAMI – JUNE 22, 2023 –ViX, the leading Spanish-language streaming service in the world, announced today the start of production of seven original titles during the second quarter of the year. The new ViX Original projects include six series and one film. “With these seven new productions we continue to increase our original content offerings on ViX, with stories that appeal to the diverse tastes of our audiences,” said Rodrigo Mazón, Chief Content Officer ViX for TelevisaUnivision. “Since the launch, we have been working on a path of constant development and production that we know today strongly reflects and resonates with the audience’s preferences and generates great successes in our service,” he added. 

LA BANDA [THE BAND] (working title) – Don Víctor, owner of Sanitarios Reyes, confides in Rafa his intentions to make him the boss and leave him the company as an inheritance along with the rest of his colleagues. The announcement will be made at the traditional posada of the factory. Rafael cannot keep the secret and tells all his colleagues, including Marcela, his wife, who has a mysterious past. Don Victor suddenly dies and Andy, his only son, reappears and claims the inheritance. With a debt behind him, Andy is determined to sell the factory to a voracious transnational corporation. Rafael and Marcela will be forced to create an unusual gang to recover the company and save the town from ruin. Genre: Comedy thriller. Starring: Miguel Rodarte, Paulina Gaitán, Fernando Bonilla, Tessa Ía, Aldo Escalante. Cast: Jesús Ochoa, Aída López, Juan Carlos Colombo, Juan Daniel Treviño, Raúl Briones. Produced by Dynamo and directed by Federico Veiroj and Salvador Espinosa, showrunner Gabriel Nuncio. CONSUELO (working title) – Set in Mexico City in the 1950s, the series masterfully combines drama and comedy through the character of a woman from Mexican high society who, after being abandoned by her husband, must manage to survive while taking control of her destiny and her pleasures, including the sale of sex toys. CONSUELO combines the conflicts of classic melodrama with the self-confidence of modern comedy to deal with current issues, magnified by the particular historical and moral context of the time, just before the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, making the series a unique blend of relevance, irreverence and entertainment. Genre: Comedy drama. Starring: Cassandra Sánchez Navarro. Cast: Erick Chapa, Eileen Yáñez, Lincoln Palomeque, Catherine Siachoque. Created by Juan Carlos Aparicio Schlesinger and Mateo Stivelberg. Produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and directed by Kenya Márquez. EL GUARDESPALDAS [THE BODYGUARD] (working title)- Julian is a criminal without vocation because he is a good guy. One day, while transporting stolen merchandise, he falls into the hands of a police commander with political ambitions. Now to save his own skin and that of his mother, who launders money at her beauty store for the King of Fayuca, he must pose as the new physical education teacher at the exclusive school of his boss’s rebellious daughter to find evidence against him. What Julian doesn’t count on is that Paola will help him find his place in the world, while she, in turn, becomes more sociable and self-confident thanks to him. They form a strange and comical duo that becomes entangled in the middle of a criminal investigation. Genre: Comedy. Starring: Memo Villegas and Diana Carreiro. Cast: Natalia Téllez, Marimar Vega, Norma Angélica and Sebastián Zurita. Directed by: Miguel Necoechea Chavez and Poncho Pineda; showrunner: Jaime Muñoz Baena. Produced by: Campanario Entertainment. KOATI: ANIMATED SERIES – Created by Anabella Sosa-Dovarganes and Melissa Escobar, Koati is the first children’s animated series that celebrates our diversity, the beauty of our natural environment and culture, all through Latino stories, created by Latinos for Latino families across the U.S., Latin America, and the world. Genre: Children’s program, animation. Cast and Executive Producer: Sofia Vergara. Produced by Upstairs Animation Miami. QUÉ CHICA ES EL MUNDO [HOW GIRLY THE WORLD IS] (working title)- Renowned chef Lorena García will take us on a personal journey through some of the cuisines of Mexico and Peru, exploring the stories and roots of local recipes, and acknowledging the legacies of traditional chefs and cooks that preserve and modernize them. Genre: Lifestyle and cooking. Presented by: Lorena García and chefs from Mexico and Peru. SABOR DE AMÉRICA [AMERICA’S FLAVOR] (working title) – Chef Jesús, famous for his foodie adventures on “Despierta América” [Wake Up America], hits the road to find the new flavor of Latin cuisine and how our food is connecting cultures and communities across the United States. From the Atlantic coast all the way to the Pacific, Chef Jesús will discover the true Latin flavor in restaurants big and small – from Michelin-starred fine dining destinations to the smallest Midwestern taquerías. Genre: Food, travel, adventure. Host: Chef Jesús (Diaz). Produced by O’Malley Productions and Fluent Media Group. Film 
MATAR AL JOCKEY [KILL THE JOCKEY]- Remo Manfredini is a legend in the fascinating world of turf racing, but his self-destructive behavior overshadows his great talent. Abril, an up-and-coming jockey, is pregnant by him and hesitates between having his child or continuing to race. They both race for Sirena, an important businessman who saved Remo’s life in the past and is obsessed with the jockey. One day Remo causes a big accident, disappears from the hospital and wanders the streets. Abril and Sirena go in search of him, but by the time they find him Remo has transformed into a very different person. Genre: Drama. Cast: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Úrsula Corberó and Daniel Giménez Cacho. With Daniel Fanego, Osmar Nuñez, Luis Ziembrowski, Roberto Carnaghi, Adriana Aguirre and Roly Serrano. And the special participation of Mariana Di Girólamo. Executive producers: Benicio del Toro, Nando Vila, Delfina Montecchia, Federico Frágola and Martín Fisner. 

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