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ViX+ Presents Trailer for MEXZOMBIES

MIAMI – OCTOBER 5, 2022 – ViX+, TelevisaUnivision’s premium Spanish-language subscription streaming service, today presented MEXZOMBIES’ first trailer, providing a glimpse into the horror comedy by Mexican director Chava Cartas. The production will arrive exclusively on the ViX+ streaming service on October 26.  

Starring Iñaki Godoy, Marcelo Barceló, Roberta Damián, Luciana Vale, Vincent Webb, Daniel Tovar and Bárbara de Regil, MEXZOMBIES follows the adventures of two somewhat misfit teenagers: Cronos, a lover of classic cinema, and Tavo, an aspiring parkour expert. Along with their friends from the exclusive Sierra Linda neighborhood, they must face the unexpected challenge of preventing a zombie apocalypse in Mexico City. As they test their friendship, they also search for their first love. MEXZOMBIES mixes comedy, action and horror in a film for young people of all ages.    

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