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ISLA BRAVA Keeps You Guessing with Two New Episodes May 25th only on ViX

MIAMI – MAY 25, 2023 – ISLA BRAVA, the new ViX Original thriller, drops two new episodes today. The series stars Fernanda Castillo as Lucía, Erik Hayser as Bruno and Flavio Medina as Alfredo along with Bárbara López as Pilar, Karena Flores as Mora and Juan Pablo Fuentes as Thiago.

The series is a passion-filled story of love, betrayal and mystery. Lucía is a woman who wants to tell her husband that she’s having an affair with his brother but finds out that he is missing. She is then accused of his disappearance and must prove her innocence while uncovering what really happened. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she discovers a web of lies and secrets involving her husband, her lover, and the mysterious island where they all live.

Don’t miss out on the two new episodes this Thursday, May 25.

In the third and fourth episode, Detective Pilar’s investigations are narrowing the circle to Alfredo’s close ties as the appearance of a charred corpse on the beach gives rise to many speculations. Four months before, it is discovered how the relationship between Lucía and Bruno began and Mora’s dark bond with her father is revealed. Just as Lucía makes a discovery at Bruno’s house that changes everything, Detective Pilar brings to light the strange death of Bruno’s wife. Three months before these events, Alfredo gives the secretary of tourism one of his daughter’s friends as a gift in order to achieve his political goals.

WHEN:  Thursday, May 25

WHERE:  ViX (on the Premium tier)

The ViX Original series is directed by director Pitipol Ybarra and is an original story by Emmy Award nominated Esther Feldman, and produced by Spanish production house Onza Américas.

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