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LA VOZ DE LA MAÑANA Remembers the Tragedy in Uvalde a Year Later

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Uvalde – One Year Later

It seems incredible, but one year has passed since the terrible massacre at the Rob Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 people lost their lives… We traveled to that city and spoke with the families we interviewed when the tragedy occurred, and we spoke with them about how they have coped with their pain.

Sofía Herrera and Clara Seniors

An inevitable part of life is the fact of having a birthday… For many women who reach a certain age, menopause is a process that affects daily life, each one in a different way. Doctors and specialists Sofía Herrera and Clara Seniors, talk about the myths and reality of this stage and how to manage this natural process.

 Fernanda Castillo and Flavio Medina – Actors from Isla Brava
You can now enjoy the new series “Isla Brava” on the VIX screen… A story full of mystery and drama… And we will be accompanied by its protagonists, the actress, Fernanda Castillo and the actor, Flavio Medina. 

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