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LALOLA, ViX’s New Exclusive Romantic Comedy Begins Filming in Mexico City

MIAMI – MAY 5, 2023 – ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, announced today the start of production for LALOLA in Mexico City. The new original romantic comedy stars Bárbara de Regil (“Rosario Tijeras,” “Cabo,” “MexZombies”), Alejandro de la Madrid (“La rebelión” [The Rebellion], “Enfermo amor” [Love Sick], “Monarca” [Monarch]), Alexis Ayala (“Amar a muerte” [Love to Death], “Vencer la ausencia” [Overcoming Loss], “Si nos dejan” [If They Let Us]), Gonzalo García Vivanco (“La Desalmada” [Heartless], “Cuna de lobos” [Cradle of wolves]) and Cynthia Klitbo (“Juego de mentiras” [Game of Lies], “Mujer de nadie” [Her Own Woman], “El privilegio de amar” [The Right to Love]). 

Produced by Dori Media International, LALOLA also features Carmen MadridPamela Almanza, Majo Pérez, Chirstopher Aguilasocho, Alfonso Borbolla, Epy VelezLumi Cavazos and Francisca Aronsson

LALOLA tells the story of how a successful man, who thinks he can use women to satisfy his ego, wakes up one day in the body of a woman, then seeks to reverse this and return to his original body while trying to protect his job and the relationships with his daughter, mother, and best friend. In this new reality, LaLola will suffer the consequences of machismo and must re-learn everything, from walking to navigating her way to work and, above all, the true meaning of love. 

“ViX is thrilled to continue adding entertaining and engaging stories for our audiences and bringing together the best Spanish-language content creators under one roof. This original series is an adaptation of one of the most successful romantic comedy formats in Latin America and we are sure viewers will love it,” said Vincenzo Gratteri, senior vice president of Development for ViX. 

Joshua Mintz (“Señora acero” [Lady Steel], “El señor de los cielos” [Lord of the Skies]) and Ana Celia Urquidi (“Las Aparicio”, “R”) are the producers and Francisco Franco Alba (“Quemar las naves” [Burn the Bridges], “La Usurpadora” [The Usurper], “El hotel de los secretos”) and Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos (“Mujeres asesinas” [Killer Women], “El hotel de los secretos” [The hotel of secrets]) will direct the series.  

“At Dori Media, we are very pleased that ViX has considered us to produce ‘LALOLA,’ which is one of our best series that we have produced and sold worldwide. A production team has been put together with a lot of experience and also a lot of young talent, and a spectacular cast and direction. Together with Nadav Palti at Dori Media, we are also very pleased with Atenea Media’s high level of production in Mexico,” said Joshua Mintz, Chief Content Officer at Dori Media. 

ViX offers more than 75,000 hours of on-demand content and more than 100 streaming channels, all in Spanish. The app offers two levels of access, one free with ads and one premium with subscription, in the U.S., Mexico and most Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, on all major mobile platforms, connected TV devices, and online at

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