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• Los Camperos is considered one of the best mariachis in the world.

• They performed on main stages as the head artist and accompanied by: Pedro Fernández, Lila Downs, Pepe Aguilar, and Luis Miguel, among others.

• Mariachi Los Camperos de Jesús “Chuy” Guzmán will perform at the Athenaeum Center For Thought And Culture in favor of CICA (Collaborative Institute of Cultural Arts), a non-profit organization that exalts and provides quality artistic education to children, youth, and adults.

• Tickets are available at:

Mariachi represents the spirit of Mexican culture; While listening to the instruments and observing an elegantly dressed mariachi, spectators feel a sense of joy and nostalgia, followed by unconscious cries of joy that makes us feel proud to be Mexicans, inside and outside our borders.
In 1961, Natividad “Nati” Cano founded Mariachi Los Camperos, Nati Cano was one of the pioneers in taking mariachi music out of the cantinas to present in some of the most important concert halls and theaters inside and outside the United States, such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center in New York, Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara, among other places, turning Nati Cano, also known as “the mariachi giant” into a mentor and teacher for the new generations of musicians in the American union and recognized as a influential contributor of musical evolution of mariachi, winning two Grammys, in addition to other important recognitions.
Upon the death of Nati Cano in 2014, Jesús “Chuy” Guzmán, Cano’s right-hand man and musical director of Mariachi Los Camperos since 1992, took over the direction of the mariachi; in 2015, calling itself since that year, Mariachi Los Camperos de Jesús “Chuy” Guzmán.
Los Camperos released a record production entitled “Tradition, Art, and Passion” as a tribute to its founder, an album nominated and won a Grammy. In 2020, Mariachi Los Camperos released “De ayer para siempre”, from which they obtained another Grammy in the Best Album in the Regional Mexican Music category.
In this 2023, Mariachi Los Camperos de Jesús “Chuy” Guzmán, recognized as one of the best mariachis in the world, celebrates more than 60 years of uninterrupted musical career; They have participated in several notable recordings by “PBS,” “In Performance at The White House,” “The Spirit of Mexico,” “Viva La Tradición,” as well as in Hollywood in tapes such as: “Sex in the City,” “The Lost World: Jurassic Park,” “Jerry Maguire,” in addition to having recorded in record productions and accompanying in numerous presentations: Pedro Fernández, Pepe Aguilar, Ángeles Ochoa, Eugenia León, Lila Downs, Alejandro Fernández, Luis Miguel, among others. Others, including the collaboration with Linda Ronstadt’s 1987 in the recording of “Canciones de Mi Padre” and “Más Canciones” (1992), with whom they toured the world.
Mariachi Los Camperos will commemorate its more than 60 years in the music scene on August 12 at the Athenaeum Center for Thought and Culture in Chicago, Illinois; tickets are available at:
The event will be held to support and in favor of the Collaborative Institute of Cultural Arts (CICA), a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide quality artistic education to children, youth and adults, highlighting the values and family interaction to develop the emotional and intellectual side of the students.
Mariachi Los Camperos remains firm with its conviction and main objective: to represent the richness of our music and culture. For Jesús “Chuy” Guzmán and Mariachi Los Camperos, it means “continuing to open doors and stages internationally, inspiring, influencing and connecting with new generations of musicians worldwide.”

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More information about CICA:
CICA Collaborative Institute of Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization that aims to provide children, youth, and adults with quality artistic education. The CICA educational community works together towards a comprehensive, affordable, and unique arts program to provide quality learning, including ongoing formal and informal art performances, supporting students’ transition from childhood to adulthood.

CICA is an organization located in Brighton Park Chicago, Illinois, with its doors open to the community. The instructors actively work to engage the community at large through concerts, performances, and art exhibits.
CICA helps its students to develop their emotional and intellectual wellbeing the arts become a source of development on the set of values that are essential to create a centered citizen. “The most miserable aspect of poverty is not the lack of bread, shelter, money or material goods, but the feeling of being nobody, the lack of identity, the lack of public esteem and the feeling of being ignored” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta).

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