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ViX and ViX+ Programming March 2023

View this email in your browserViX and ViX+ Programming March 2023Productions premiering this month on ViX (AVOD) and ViX+ (SVOD), TelevisaUnivision’s Spanish-language streaming channel
 To download graphic click here.ViX+ PROGRAMMING MALVADA | Movie
Premieres: March 8
Synopsis: Malvada begins where fairy tale ends: Laura is going to marry her prince charming, but it turns out that she’s a modern and beautiful witch that has haunted Daniel. Now, Fernanda, Daniel’s ex, must prevent the witch from stealing the love of her life from him.
Cast: Michelle Renaud, Giselle Kuri, Giuseppe Gamba
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
LAS PELOTARIS 1926 | Series | ViX+ Original
Premieres: March 10
Synopsis: Las Pelotaris 1926 tells the story of Chelo, Idoia and Itzi, three female pelota players who struggle to achieve their dreams in the 1920s, but these successful sportswomen will have to face the consequences of breaking the mold in a world where ambition and sexual freedom were denied to women.
Cast: Zuria Vega, Claudia Salas, María de Nati, David Chocarro, Marco de la O
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
VIVA LA COMEDY | Series | ViX+ Original
Premieres: March 16
Synopsis: Viva La Comedy features stand-up comedians that explore their views on life, relationships, or humanitu on the brink of a nuclear war.
Cast: Manu Nna, La Bea, Alexa Zuart, Sandro Ruiz, Chaparro Salazar, Alex Quiroz
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
Premieres: March 22
Synopsis: Armando Pulido is tired of the economic crisis in his country, Colombia. He decides to move to New York and go for the “American Dream” doing anything he can to obtain an American visa.
Cast:  Carlos Hurtado, Diego Camargo, Erika Glasser
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
MODELO 77 | Movie
Premieres: March 22
Synopsis: Manuel is a young accountant convicted to an excessive 20-year sentence for having embezzled the equivalent of 1,200 Euros
Cast: Miguel Herrán, Javier Gutiérrez Álvarez, Catalina Sopelana, Jesús Carroza, Fernando Tejero, Alfonso Lara
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
Premieres: March 29
Synopsis: Thomas is a nerdy young kid afraid of everything. As an inspiration, he reads “Nerdchico,” a book saga based on the life of a nerdy boy who stands up against all types of dangers: monsters, vampires, and evil creatures. On what would seem to be a regular school day, Tomas and his class discover that his teacher will be an odd and spooky woman named Miss Rojas. Miss Rojas has a secret, and the kids don’t know what they’re in for.
Cast: Ilse Salas
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
CARDO Season 2 | Series | ViX+ Original
Premieres: March 31
Synopsis: After three years in jail, Maria is finally willing to make up for lost time and stay away from the path of excesses that caused her so many problems.  However, she soon discovers that life is not easy for an ex-convict.
Cast: Ana Rujas, Clara Sans, Ana Telenti
Available territories: U.S., Mexico and Latin America
LIGA MX CLAUSURA 2023 | Sports
Liga MX, the Mexican soccer First Division league championship continues its second half of the season with the 2023 Clausura tournament, featuring exciting matches showcasing including América, Chivas, Cruz Azul and Pumas UNAM. Selected games will be available exclusively throughout the season and simulcast on ViX+.
Available territories: U.S., and Mexico
UEFA Champions League continues its 2022-2023 season coverage with Round of 16 competition featuring some of the top teams in the sport with the most fans in the U.S. including Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, among others. Throughout the season, some premium matches will also be available on ViX.
Available territories: U.S.
The UEFA Euro 2024 qualifying tournament kicks off on ViX on March 23 and will determine the 23 UEFA member men’s national teams that will join the automatically qualified host team Germany in the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. Anticipated match-ups include Italy vs. England, France v. Netherlands and Luxembourg vs. Portugal
Available territories: U.S.

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