ViX and ViX+ Programming October 2022

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ViX and ViX+ Programming October 2022ViX+ PROGRAMMING RAPHAELISMO | Docu-series 
Available October 6
Synopsis: Joined by his family, Raphael opens the doors of his home and his memory to tell his incredible story. A reflexive, sincere and fun Raphael shows himself to the world as he had never done before to celebrate his 60-year career. 
Cast: Natalia Figueroa, Jaime Azpilicueta, Pedro Piqueras, Soledad Jara, Dr. Enrique Moreno 
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America 
 LA MUJER DEL DIABLO Season 2 | Series 
Available in October
Synopsis: Natalia Vallejo (Miranda), an elementary school teacher who dreams of leaving her small town to work in tourism, and Cristo Beltrán (Ron), a high-level criminal who poses as a benefactor to the poor and becomes obsessed with Natalia, not caring that she’s already in love with another man and doing the unimaginable to win her.
Cast: Carolina Miranda, José Ron, Adriana Louvier, Marco Tostado 
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America  
 LOS EXORCISTAS | Docu- series
Available October 20

Synopsis: Los Exorcistas is a docu-series on exorcism, one of faith’s most striking and polemical subjects. Through interviews and recreations, we will meet people of all faiths who have come face to face with malignant beings while doing exorcisms, people who are on the front lines of the battle between good and evil.
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America  
Available October 26
Synopsis: At a Halloween party, some teenagers face the zombie apocalypse and have to join forces with a dangerous drug kingpin to save their lives.
Cast: Bárbara de Regil, Daniel Tovar
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America 
UEFA Champions League
UEFA Champions League is the most important competition for European clubs. Teams that have participated are some of the top teams with the most fans in the U.S., such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan, among others.
Available territories: U.S.A.
Premium matches and ViX exclusives Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. PT 
 AL GRITO DE GUERRA | Docu-series
Available October 13

Synopsis: The eight-episode documentary series tells the story of the Mexican national team, as it tries to qualify for soccer’s World Cup, the infamous “fifth match” and the mystery surrounding it.
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America 
INFORME QATAR | Docu-series
Available October 20

Synopsis: A docu-series that will uncover all the key details about the teams and stars competing at the World Cup, but most of all, a series that will reveal the more human and personal side of the protagonists.
Available territories: U.S.A., Mexico and Latin America 

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