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ViX+ begins production of LA HORA MARCADA, an updated anthology of stories about our fears

MIAMI, FL. – OCTOBER 12, 2022 – ViX+, the Spanish-language premium streaming subscription service, announced today the start of filming in Mexico City of a new version of the horror series that impacted several generations, LA HORA MARCADA. Produced by W Studios’s Patricio Wills and Carlos Bardasano, the new ViX+ Original series will present a contemporary version of the classic show, which was an incubator for filmmakers who have achieved international success.

In this new interpretation, nine creative teams took the original scripts from LA HORA MARCADA as a basis for developing their vision of the iconic program. As a result, nine episodes capture and update the essence of the original series for the 21st Century creating a unique universe for each episode. Produced by Abe Rosenberg, this version features scripts from Latin American writers including Abia Castillo, Freddy Chávez, Josh Candia, Luis Reséndiz, Ramiro García Bogliano and Tomás Downey.

LA HORA MARCADA, which premiered more than 30 years ago, launched the careers of Alfonso Cuarón, Carlos Cuarón, Emmanuel Lubezki and Guillermo del Toro. Even today, the show is considered a cult hit among Spanish-speaking audiences and is held in high esteem by the community of horror creators and fans. That has allowed the signing of established moviemakers and promising young Latin American horror creators to give new life to the series. Among those creators: Andrés BeltranAdrián García Bogliano, Andrés RothschildGigi Saul Guerrero, Isaac Ezban, Laura CasabéLex Ortega, Michelle Garza Cervera and Roque Falabella.

“I am proud to make a reimagined version of the series that was an icon on Mexican TV in the ’80s and was also the platform for the greatest talents in Mexico who later achieved international recognition,” said Patricio Wills, president of W Studios. “Producing the series today with all the new technological resources and the best writers and directors of the suspense and horror genre in the world in Spanish is a privilege for W Studios and me personally.”

On LA HORA MARCADA, as in life, everyone’s days are numbered. Even though we may live as if our supply of minutes were limitless, our time is set, and the end often takes us by surprise. The premise of this anthology series will be simple: every episode will be independent, giving directors and writers complete freedom to explore blood-curdling visual environments, terror-inducing cases and heady social issues within the broadly defined limits of the science fiction and horror genres. 

LA HORA MARCADA was broadcast on Televisa from 1988 to 1990 and produced by Carmen Armendáriz. The show had a key presence, known as “the woman in black,” who appeared in every episode to decide the destiny of the characters. The stories were original and sought to convey fear to the audience while dealing with science fiction, horror or fantasy themes. In addition, the series launched the careers of Mexico’s most acclaimed filmmakers. Today, LA HORA MARCADA is preparing a comeback, with established talents and promising young artists creating new frights for our times.

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