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ViX Begins Production of SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE, the Authorized Bioseries About the Life of the Mexican Icon

View this email in your browserViX Begins Production of SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE, the Authorized Bioseries About the Life of the Mexican IconPedro Infante will be played by Mario Morán and Ana Claudia Talancón will play his wife, María Luisa León.Production image of Mario Morán as Pedro Infante in SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE Courtesy of ViX.MIAMI – MARCH 7, 2023 – ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, today announced the start of production of the authorized bioseries about the idol Pedro Infante in San Luis Potosí. The new production, SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE (HIS NAME WAS PEDRO INFANTE), starring Mario Morán (“No manches Frida,” “Pasión y poder”) and Ana Claudia Talancón (“El refugio,” “Perfectos desconocidos”), will tell the story of an ordinary young man who finds the strength and inspiration to become a legend.  “We at ViX are proud to be able to immortalize the icon of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and one of the most important singers of ranchera music in a premium bioseries,” said Vincenzo Gratteri, ViX senior vice president of Development. “With SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE we continue to reinforce our commitment to offer content preferred by audiences for the quality of narrative and the charisma of the iconic characters of our culture.” Mario Morán has worked in theater, film and TV, and now has his first starring role, playing Pedro Infante. “Creating this character is one of the biggest opportunities of my career. It’s one of those projects you’re always looking for as an actor: a character that challenges you and even makes you tremble as you play him. It is an incredibly enriching experience, and the mission here is what needs to be projected through him. Pedro is someone I have studied a lot and still do. He has taught me a lot about both physical and emotional matters,” said Mario Morán. SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE also features Victoria Escorcia (“Los crímenes de Mar del Norte,” “Milagros de Navidad”)and Julio Bracho (“Cantinflas,” El César”)Also participating in the production are Daniela Álvarez (“La mexicana y el güero,” “Por amar sin ley”), Regina Nava (“Familia de medianoche,” “Pacto de sangre”), Juan Carlos Remolina (“Quién mató a Sara,” “Los minutos negros”), Leticia Huijara (“Sense8,” “Jugar con fuego”), Nacho Tahhan (“Mujer de nadie,” “Selena”), Raúl Sandoval (“Vicente Fernández,” “Jenny Rivera y Bronco”), Mariana Lozada (“Érase una vez,” “La Rosa de Guadalupe”), Julieta Egurrola (“Efectos secundarios,” “Crónica de un desayuno”), Manuel Balbi (“Genesis,” “Casi treinta”), Carlos Gatica (“Desenfrenadas,” “Los ricos también lloran”), Juan Carlos Barreto (“Redemption of a Broken Bind,” “Para volver a amar”), Daniel Martínez (“Sr. Ávila,” “El Señor de los Cielos”), Ana Jimena Villanueva (“Falsa identidad,” “Mi marido tiene familia”) and Gerardo Trejo Luna (“Aquí en la Tierra,” “El Camino del Sol”). SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE begins in 1917. In a faraway town in Sinaloa, where a child is born with no money or future. A dreamer, always in love but with a heart that is constantly broken, he never gives up on becoming someone special. The promise he makes to his mother leads him to become the top music and film star of Mexican cinema’s Golden Age; his songs and characters circle the globe, and when he seems to have everything, death takes him in a tragic way. The ViX original bioseries has Rubén Galindo (“Hoy voy a cambiar”,” “El retador,” “Sin miedo a la verdad”) as executive producer and showrunner. Alejandro Bazzano (“Travesuras de la niña mala,” “La casa de papel”) and Sergio Siruela (“Herederos por accidente,” “Promesas de Campaña”) join the team as directors. Alexa Muñoz Vidaña (“Buscando la banda Timbiriche,” “5 magníficos”)is associate executive producer, Guillermo Ríos and María José Mochales are the screenwriters for the epic series. “Telling the story of Pedro Infante is the biggest and most important project of my career, one I undertake with the commitment and responsibility inherent to telling the story of an idol of the people and of a glorious period in Mexico. In this story, we will touch on every facet of his life, emphasizing his passion for work, his love for Mexico and his generosity,” said producer and showrunner Rubén Galindo about the project. Seventy percent of filming of SE LLAMABA PEDRO INFANTE will take place in San Luis Potosí. Other locations include Hidalgo and Mexico City. ViX service offers more than 75,000 hours of on-demand content, and over 100 streaming channels all in Spanish. The app is available with two access tiers, one free with ads and one premium plan with a subscription, in the U.S., Mexico, and most of Spanish-speaking Latin America, across all major mobile platforms, connected TV devices and via web on     Click here to download images. Join the conversation using hashtag#ViX and follow ViX on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok. Visit for more information about TelevisaUnivision and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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