LAS PELOTARIS 1926 is Now Available on ViX+

MIAMI – March 10, 2023 – The first two episodes of LAS PELOTARIS 1926, the new ViX+ Original series are available now to stream, with new episodes dropping every Friday. Almost a century later, the story of a group of pioneering sportswomen who broke barriers in a male-dominated world comes to light in the first fiction that will feature how the first professional women athletes risked everything on the court and in life. 

Filmed in Mexico and Spain, LAS PELOTARIS 1926 tells the story of Chelo, Idoia and Itzi, three Basque pelota players who struggle to achieve their dreams in the 1920s. These successful professional athletes will have to face the consequences of breaking the mold in a world where ambition and freedom were denied to women. The three sportswomen will pay a high price for doing everything they weren’t supposed to do: earn money, succeed professionally, rebel against abuse, or freely live their sexuality. LAS PELOTARIS 1926 combines drama with elements of adventure and thriller in plots where there are gangsters, corrupt police officers, hired thugs and unscrupulous businesspeople. 

The drama was created by Marc Cistaré (“Vis a Vis”, “El barco” [The Boat], “La víctima número 8” [Victim Number 8]) and stars Zuria Vega (“Mi marido tiene familia” [My Husband Got a Family], “La venganza de las Juanas” [The Revenge of the Juanas], “¿Y cómo es él? ” [And How Is He?], “El refugio” [The Refuge]), Claudia Salas (“La ruta” [The Route], “Élite”, “La peste” [The Plague], “Cerdita” [Piggy]) and María de Nati (“El buen patrón” [The Good Boss], “El reino” [The Kingdom], “Que Dios nos perdone” [May God Forgive Us], “Entrevías”, “La víctima número 8”). 

The main cast is completed by David Chocarro (“La casa de al lado” [The House Next Door], “El rostro de la venganza” [Facing Destiny], “En otra piel” [Part of Me], “La Doña”), Marco de la O (“Rambo: Last Blood,” “El Chapo”), Vicente Tamayo (“Luis Miguel, la serie”), Héctor Kotsifakis (“Me gusta…pero me asusta” [I Like It but It Scares Me], “Gringo: se busca vivo o muerto” [Gringo: Wanted Dead or Alive], “Narcos: México”) and Antonio Gaona(“Palabra de ladrón” [Thief’s Word], “Educando a Nina” [Raising Nina], “Rosario Tijeras”). Also starring are Viviana Serna (“Narcos: México”, “El señor de los cielos” [Lord of the Skies]), Alex Onieva (“Alta mar” [High Seas], “Presunto culpable” [Presumed Guilty], “El secreto de puente viejo” [The Secret of Old Bridge], Krista Aroca (“HIT”), Eva Rubio (“El buen patrón”), Jesús Castejón, Peter Vives and veteran actor Eligio Menéndez

Laura Fdz. Espeso, Javier Pons and Marc Cistaré are executive producers for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. The series was written by a team of screenwriters comprising Adriana Rivas, Javier Naya and Anaí López. Jesús Rodrigo directs the eight episodes, with Chechu Graf as director of photography and Fernando González as art director in charge of recreating the series’ period settings. 

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