PARAÍSO BLANCO, Series Based on Carlos Lehder, the Person Behind Pablo Escobar’s Drug Trafficking Operations, Premieres July 20 Exclusively on ViX

MIAMI – July 19, 2023 – ViX, the leading Spanish-language streaming service in the world,  announced today that the series PARAÍSO BLANCO, produced by Caracol Televisión, will premiere exclusively on July 20 on the service’s Premium plan.

PARAÍSO BLANCO tells the story, past and present, of the mastermind who changed drug trafficking forever when he decided to buy an island 340 kilometers off the coast of Florida in the 1970s. A half-Colombian, half-German, 100% rockstar man whose goal was to flood the world with cocaine, becoming the first Colombian drug trafficker to be extradited to the United States.

“‘Paraíso Blanco’ is one more example of how we are telling local and relevant stories in and from Colombia. This series will offer a different take on the early days in the criminal world of one of the most powerful drug traffickers in history, Carlos Lehder. Shot on international locations, ‘Paraíso Blanco’ is a story with action, romance, drama and a lot of adrenaline that will take viewers on a journey of never-before-told details,” said Vincenzo Gratteri, ViX’s senior vice president of Development.

With locations in New York, Miami and Cartagena, among others, the series will feature renowned actor Sebastián Osorio (“El Cartel de los Sapos, el Origen” [The Snitch Cartel: Origins]; “Historia de un Crimen: Colmenares”) as Carlos Lehder. The powerful cast will include Polish actor Michal Malinowsky (“Como Casarse Con Un Millonario” [How to Marry a Millionaire]), Camila Bordon (“Chica Vampiro” [Witches Girl]), Laura Rodríguez (“El Cartel de los Sapos, El Origen”[The Snitch Cartel: Origins]), Andrés Echavarria(“La Reina del Sur 3” [The Queen of the South 3]), Andrés Castañeda (“Escobar, El Patrón del Mal”), LinaTejeiro (“Chichipatos” [The Unremarkable Juanquini]), Mijail Mulkay (“Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas”) Cecilia Navia (“Escobar, El Patrón del Mal”), Variel Sánchez (“La Niña”), Cesar Álvarez (“Distrito Salvaje” [Wild District]) and Juan Carlos Ortega (“Bolívar”).

Amparo Gutiérrez, production manager of Caracol Televisión and executive producer of the series, said, “‘Paraíso Blanco’  more than a great production, is the effort, the dreams, the lack of sleep and the passion of each of the people who were part of an ideal team. ‘Paraíso Blanco’ represents the overcoming of the difficult task of reviving the life of Carlos Lehder. An undertaking that shook our bones as we followed the steps that a brilliant and audacious man took to become the dark but historic figure that Lehder represents. It is impressive how the story, however crude it may be, allowed us to find the value of resilience of all those who faced a fearsome villain, as well as to understand those moments that turned a once innocent child into a demon.”

Amparo Gutiérrez and Dago García are in charge of theexecutive production of the series and it is directed by Juan Carlos Vasquez and Carlos Andres Villamizar. PARAÍSO BLANCO is recreated in the 70’s and 80’s, with a colorful and striking costume design, and art direction by the renowned Diego Guarnizo.

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