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TÍA ALISON, RCN’s New Dramedy, Arrives on VIX on July 27th

MIAMI – July 24, 2023 – ViX, the world’s leading Spanish-language streaming service, announced today that the new series TÍA ALISON (Aunt Alison) premieres on July 27 on the service’s premium plan. Episodes of this amusing story will premiere on ViX one day after premiering on RCN in Colombia.
Produced by RCN Studios, TÍA ALISON navigates between drama and comedy, generating humor through the absurd situations that happen to its characters. The series stars Juliette Pardau and Rodrigo Candamil.
TÍA ALISON tells the story of a young woman who, after achieving her American dream, must face one of her greatest family losses, having to decide between her dream and accepting the role of mother to her three nephews who have just been orphaned. Alison must go from being the cool aunt to become “the mom” who must correct, guide, educate and set limits, this detonates conflicts and situations with her nephews. All this while facing economic problems, social prejudices, legal problems, child and adolescent conflicts and dilemmas of friendship and love.
The cast also includes: Brian Moreno, Manuela González, Tuto Patiño, Humberto Dorado, Margalida Castro, Paola Moreno, Laura Junco, Maria José Vargas, Sebastián Moya, Andrea Esquivel, Camila DuránCarlos Hurtado, Luciana Garnica, Julián Zuluaga and Angie Michell Orozco. TÍA ALISON is an original idea by Héctor Moncada who also wrote the script with Laura Bolaño, Gerardo Pinzón and Juan Andrés Granados. Víctor Cantillo and Israel Sánchez direct the series with Andrés Santamaría as executive producer.

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