ViX+ Premieres RAPHAELISMO in Honor of the Legendary Spanish Artist’s 60-year Musical Career

MIAMI, FL. – OCTOBER 4, 2022 – To celebrate Raphael‘s 60th anniversary in the world of music, ViX+, the subscription-based premium streaming service in Spanish, presents RAPHAELISMO on October 6. The four-part docuseries delves into the successes, secrets, fears, and dreams of the artist, with exclusive audiovisual material, making it the first and only documentary with the direct involvement of Raphael himself and his family. 

Pioneer of modern Spanish music, Raphael who is often referred to as “El Divo de Linares,” is a tireless worker who has taken his art and his language to almost every corner of the Earth. He is not only a singer, but also a storyteller and as such the Andalusian singer distinguished himself from the others, won the love of his fans and conquered the world with his music. This series recounts Raphael’s life in a chronological narrative punctuated with reflections by the artist. 

Produced by Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Dadá Films & Entertainment and Universal Music Spain (GTS Entertainment), RAPHAELISMO is an original ViX+ documentary and features the participation of Natalia Figueroa, Jaime Azpilicueta, Pedro Piqueras, Soledad Jara and Dr. Enrique Moreno. 

EPISODE 1: De la niñez a los asuntos (From Childhood to The Business) 
1955: A star was born. Raphael makes his debut at the Teatro de la Zarzuela leaving a mark in the music history of Spain. In this chapter, Raphael remembers his humble beginnings, his start as a singer, the triumph at the Benidorm, the tournée del “hambre” (hunger) and the Tamborilero (drummer) prior to embarking on his first Eurovision  adventure.  

EPISODE 2: ¡Viva Raphael! (Long Live Raphael!) 
Life is looking great for the artist, on a personal and professional note. In this chapter, he has found both his great love and musical success. His two appearances at the Eurovision Song Festival opened the door to his international success: the Olympia in       Paris, his triumph in Latin America, London, and NYC. Then, he faced his first crisis on the heels of his Las Vegas concerts.  

EPISODE 3: Qué sabe nadie  (What Does Anyone Know?) 
The political, social, and musical changes in the 80 ́s led many artists to focus on new markets. But not Raphael. His career continued to boom as he launched a series of musical hits. Accompanied by his family, Raphael shares his most intimate and personal side. He recounts his problems with alcoholism, his health scare, and liver transplant to then be reborn again at the Teatro de la Zarzuela.  

EPISODE 4: Infinitos bailes (Infinite Dances) 
The 21st century brings forth new times and an evolved Raphael. He returns to the cinema, becomes a leading figure for indie arts, and begins to collaborate with young talent. He is considered a living legend and an icon of modernity at the same time. The documentary concludes with an analysis of the “phan” phenomenon, his tour in Russia which led him to the perennial question: “And tomorrow… what’s next?”  

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